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Green Policy

Green Policy

We are committed in practicing and encouraging environmental best-practice to ensure the long-term sustainability of the tourism industry. We have been awarded a 100% Green Energy Certificate 2020, which we have continued to maintain for the past 4 years.

  • To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation.
  • To comply fully with all relevant legislation.
  • To produce an annual Environmental Plan setting out our objectives, targets and planned actions.
  • To minimise our waste and reduce our water and energy consumption where possible.
  • To reduce, reuse and recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical.
  • To help increase awareness with regards to protecting the environment and to support our staff, customers and suppliers in doing so.
  • To provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet these green objectives.
  • To communicate our policies and practices to interested parties.
  • To monitor and record our environmental impacts on a regular basis and compare our performance against our policies, objectives and targets.

Major Targets & Objectives


Our energy is supplied by a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system. This energy source positively impacts the health of local community and supports national policy goals in a number of ways. Specifically, CHP can:

  • Enhance our energy security by reducing our national energy requirements and help our hotel weather energy price volatility and supply disruptions.
  • Advance our climate change and environmental goals by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.
  • Improve business competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and managing costs.
  • Increase resilience of our energy infrastructure by limiting congestion and offsetting transmission losses.
  • Improve energy efficiency by capturing heat that is normally wasted.


Our aim is to reduce consumption of mains water. We can do this by using rainwater for landscaping purposes, maintaining our swimming pool well, including regular leak checks and water conscious cleaning schedules. Pool area showers are installed with a push-button shower to reduce water usage.

Green Purchasing

Our aim is to reduce the waste we send to landfill by recycling where possible. We do this by dividing all waste into sectors for recyclable waste, kitchen and garden waste, glass and general waste. We also track our waste and report weekly with the goal of reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill, currently 61% of our waste is diverted from landfill.
Helping to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
We have significantly increased our floral gardens in order to create a habitat for the food supply of insects and birds. We are planting an orchard in order to maintain the equilibrium in the environment, orchards reduce pollution, produce oxygen, take up carbon dioxide, provide habitat for wildlife, reduce soil erosion and hold water, among others. By developing orchards, we are taking an active part in environmental preservation.

  • Using more environmentally friendly clothing for staff uniforms.
  • To encourage our local community to eat local with us rather than travel.
  • To supply information to our guests on how to reduce their carbon footprint while using our facilities.

Guest Participation

We offer our guests the option to change their linen as their needs require and have adopted a policy where guests can let us know when linen is required to be changed.
In our guestrooms, electricity is only usable by key cards so lights are no longer left burning when no one is in the room. Further, these cards are reusable by guests.

Our Kitchens

The Johnstown Estate uses local suppliers with fully traceable origin, we adopt the farm to fork policy. We have increased our vegetarian offering in our menus, with the goal of offering a 50:50 ratio to our customers.

Green Officer

We have elected a Green Officer to attend educational workshops and to work with heads of Department to introduce greener friendly initiatives throughout departments.

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